PhotoFast MicroSD USB Flash Drives

Now for you who want to have an upgradable flash drive can throw your attention to this latest MicroSD USB flash drive offered by PhotoFast. THis microSD USB Flash drive act as a ‘blank disc’, where when you get one of it without a microSD installed will get a blank drive without capacity. PhotoFast MicroSD USB Flash Drives will only show you a capacity reflected by the amount of MicroSD card insert into the slot. And the there are a quartet of slot available for you to expand!


You easily expand the size of PhotoFast MicroSD USB Flash drives to 64GB by adding 16GB on each slot. The device will then combine the total of the capacity and made it as one solitary USB flash drive. The best of all, this PhotoFast MicroSD USB Flash drive will retail for $64 as well.

[via OhGizmo]

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