AQ Amigo USB Speakers – Great for Saving Space On Your Desktop

AQ Amigo USB Speakers is a slim and functional set of speaker, designed for laptop or thin dimension LCD display. This USB Speaker is also pretty cheap to get, at the level of $19, I believe no one will complain on it because the speaker itself doesn’t look like a cheap speaker.


AQ Amigo USB Speaker won’t cloud your desktop because it’s design to ‘clip’ on your laptop display or LCD display. Despite of its slim design, AQ Amigo USB speakers can generate quite a bit of quality sound. I guess that is all thanks to the provided sound card in the USB cord, where it provides more functionality and power for the speaker.

If you are interested to get one for your desktop, you can find AQ Amigo USB Speakers at AQ Amigo Site.

[via EverythingUSB]

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