Dell Vostro V13 To Wear Adamo’s Case

Dell has updated their Vostro product line with the new Dell Vostro V13, which has a similar skin or case as Dell Adamo. I guess Dell feel that their Adamo case is excellent for both of their branding and uniqueness, Dell V13 takes a few of the design elements from Dell Adamo, especially in the thickness and slim-profile keyboard.


Dell Vostro V13, even has a slim design, it has been stuffed with almost all of the modern features such as high-speed USB ports, eSATA, WiFi 802.11g and draft-N, 13.3-inch 720p WLED display, 250GB HDD , Ethernet as well as a card reader, VGA port and 6-cell battery.



Dell Vostro V13 laptop is powered by Intel’s energy saving processor, which known as the CULV type of Celeron processor or you can opt for the Core 2 Solo or Core 2 Duo model with decreasing in battery lifespan (also it’s more expensive if you opt for the C2D version). The starting price for this Windows 7 running laptop is $450. You can find the detail at Dell.

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