Twoddler: Twitter Device for Your Toddlers


So your baby can now do twit too? Well, yes. It’s all thanks to the clever people who create this ‘Twoddler’ device that allow toddlers to do twitter. Twoddler is a kind of activity sensor where it can detect your little toddler’s activities (e.g. by pressing a picture in the twoddler board) and the device will capture sensor data from the activity sensor and sending a predefined text to the twitter server. That’s also mean Twoddler must be internet connected before it can send twits to let you know the state of activity of your children. Well, I don’t really think your children will have a ‘real’ fun with it. But at least ‘You’ who twits will love it in some way. :)

[via UberGizmo]

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