CastOven: MicroWave with Built-in LCD Panel to Watch Youtube Video

Two genius Japanese researchers from Japan’s Keio University has managed to mixed both PC-connected LCD panel with microwave into one. This device is known as “CastOven”, where it will allow you to watch your favorite Youtube video while waiting for your food to cook.



Like I’ve said just now, this CastOven Microwave is PC-connected or Mac-connected. Which mean the 10.4-inch LCD display is relying on a system before it can entertain you. According to the researchers, Castoven concept (yes, it is still a concept!) is heavily relying on special Adobe AIR apps to display content on the screen. CastOven will also detecting the length of the movie by cross checking with the time it need to cook your meals. Let’s say you’ll need 5 minutes to cook your breakfast. CastOven Microwave will search for the same length video on youtube server and serves it to you to fill your waiting time.

Here’s a demo video if you need more detail information on CastOven Youtube-powered Microwave Concept:

It’s truly great to have such a device in our kitchen. And I believe some day we would be able to play some mini games using the similar technology while waiting for our food!

[CrunchGear via CoolestGadgets]

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