iWallet – Really Hi-Tech Wallet with Bluetooth and Fingerprint Technology

iWallet is certainly a wallet for those who love to leave their wallet on the table (forgot to take it away). The iWallet will scream like a lost child when you move from it 15-30 feet away. Reckless habit, everyone has it in some way. iWallet will help you prevent unwanted experiences, and to prevent your wallet to be crawled like no tomorrow by those who got your wallet, by sealing it away with your fingerprint.


iWallet is really a hi-tech carbon fiber wallet for advanced protection. It is not only equipped with a biometric reader to read your fingerprint, it also has a bluetooth technology to bind with your cell phone, so whenever you move away as far as 15 to 30 feet away from your iWallet, it will set the alarm off, and you will notice you’ve lost it.

Of course, you must make sure your cell phone is still with you. If you lost both then be prepared to lose everything you have in your wallet because some can use a big hammer to smash open the wallet. :)


There are two types of material available for iWallet. The Fiber Glass version will cost you $299 while the Carbon Fiber will cost $599.99 a pop. You can also add some extra engraving if you are willing to add another $99.95.

[iWallet via GadgetLite]

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