Chevy Volt to Features BlackBerry and iPhone App


The electric car Chevy Volt, which will be rolled out next year in the state will be featuring both iPhone and BlackBerry to display the Chevy Volt battery charge status. The image above was taken from L.A. Auto Show, showing how both the car and smartphone linked together providing info about the car.


All of it can be done through a app installed in the smartphone, where it can detect the battery level in Chevy Volt. I guess it is very convenience because you can leave your car in the charge station, go away to do shopping or other tasks and you’ll know when to get back to your car.

A source within General Motors (Chevrolet’s parent company) leaked to Volt blog and revealed that the app will first come out for the iPhone and BlackBerry, and will be released before the car’s release. The Volt mobile phone app will allow users to set specific schedules for their car’s recharging cycles, like at night when the power usage rates are lower.

The GM leak also said that some features from GM’s OnStar in-car safety system could be incorporated into the mobile app.’s writer speculates that things like when the car is fully charged, and possibly a warning that the car is not plugged in could also be incorporated to the app.

More details will be revealed about these apps soon.

[via NTFS]

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