Onkyo Sotec DX1007 Dual Screen Laptop

So it seems Onkyo has follow up tightly behind the step of Kohjinsha by releasing their own version of Dual Screen Laptop. However, Onkyo Sotec DX1007 Dual Screen Laptop looks exactly like the design of Kohjinsha dual screen netbook which has been introduced to us last October.




Some said that Onkyo is hard-cloning Kohjinsha’s design idea, but I could also say both Kohjinsha and Onkyo is getting the idea from GScreen Dual Screen Laptop. Well, I guess everyone can make the same thing as long as it offer a different value for the consumer. Onkyo Sotec DX1007 Dual Screen Laptop is certainly better. The screen resolution is now 1366×768, 2GB of RAM and 320GB of HDD. It’s twice better than Kohjinsha model.

[AkihabaraNews via Winarco]

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