Wireworld Platinum Starlight HDMI Cable – World Most Expensive HDMI Cable?

I’m not very keen in following news on the HDMI cable development. But This Wireworld Platinum Starlight HDMI Cable has really pulled my attention and drop my jaw upon it. Platinum Starlight HDMI cable is the most recent venture done by Wireworld and what’s really surprise me is the cost of $1,000 for 1 meter cable. Ops. You didn’t read it wrong. 1 grand for 1 meter.


So what’s make it so expensive? According to Wireworld, their Platinum Starlight cable has been designed to provide the highest possible audio and video fidelity in high-end home entertainment installation. The cable also has utilized the DNA Helix conductor design (exclusive technology from Wireworld) that uses 24 solid silver conductors.

Based upon the specs provided by Wireworld, this Platinum Starlight HDMI Cable can offers transfer rate up to 21Gbit per second, which is twice as much as the latest HDMI v.14 High Speed 10.2 Gbits/s HDMI cable. Wireworld Platinum Starlight HDMI Cable will be available to purchase in February 2010. Just make sure you have enough fund to get this cable. 1 Grand for 1 meter. :)


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