UltraSilencer Vacuum Cleaner Double as iPod Dock

electrolux-ultrasilencer-vacuum-cleanerSo Vacuum Cleaner can be as quiet as the noise of your breathes? Well, I think so because Electrolux has introduce their latest design concept that featuring an UltraSilencer technology to create their ‘Silence Amplified’ Vacuum Cleaner.

This vacuum cleaner is also features a built-in iPod dock and a set of speakers. Which mean, if Electrolux ever made this concept into a reality, housewives might be spoiled and they won’t have much stresses as before. Hearing musics while cleaning the house will absolutely turning hassles into an enjoyment.

From Electrolux Lab, they have done a series of tests to see how people react toward the works of vacuuming with music. Result? the job done faster, with less stress, and it can even result in some more calories burned. Nice!

So when we can see this UltraSilence Vacuum Cleaner to hit the store? Oh well, We don’t have the info yet. Concept mean it’s not yet to be manufactured and you’ll probably have to wait for some time before getting on this vacuum cleaner in your home.


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