Rock Gear Intros HexoLight LED Music Light System

Trying to light up your experiences playing music video games such as Rock Band, Guitar Hero or DJ Hero? Wish granted, a company called Rock Gear has manufactured an interesting gaming gadget to give you more fun on your game. This gadget was introduced as ‘HexoLight LED Music Light System’. Take a look below for more detail:


According to Rock Gear themselves, This HexoLight LED Music Light System is exclusively designed for gamers so they can “make listening to music and playing music video games like Rock Band, Guitar Hero and DJ Hero much more fun by instantly creating a concert or party experience in your home or dorm room.”

Oh, I guess so. Since it can projects colorful rays to the wall, it might somehow let gamers recreate a small concert-room and providing a better environment to enjoy their music video games.

According to our source, HexoLight LED Music Light System is available in several models, such as:

  • 3-Pod HexoLight 3000 with 140 LEDs
  • 4-Pod HexoLight 4000 with 188 LEDs
  • 6-Pod HexoLight 6000 with 282 LEDs
  • Lastly, Hexolight 13K Custom with over 600 LEDs.

It might looks interesting if you are a passionate gamers who’s looking for an extra fun. You can actually get this HexoLight LED Music Light System at Amazon for price range between $29.99 to $139.99.

[via iTechNews]

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