The Hottest PC Concept Design – Philco PC


Dave Scultze from Schultzeworks Design has come up with a magnificent PC Concept design called ‘Philco PC’. From the specification edge, you might see nothing so cool about. However, Philco PC is a concept PC about merging artistic, antique typewriters and steampunk style with technology into one brand new Concept PC. You might have seen some of Steampunk PC concept here at Hardware Sphere, but this type of blending is the coolest ever.



The Philco PC was strongly inspired by 1954 TV design and an antique Typewriter. However, the display unit has implemented the slim design and probably an LED-based screen. This type of PC (if it ever exists) will be the best fit for modern reporter who valued the retro environment.

For more detail about this Concept PC – The Philco PC, you can watch the following video:

Yanko Design via Gizmodo

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  • Tino

    Remembers me computers from “Brazil” movie

  • Is the Retro PC available on market and if not yet, when will it be?
    That is one hot sexy PC. Love to get one!

    • I doubt it will be available in the market. Except if the designer could find a strong investor to back this concept up! :)

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