Google Nexus One: The New Shiny SnapDragon Smartphone


After their G1 Phone, Google has introduced another new shiny and slimy Smartphone rumored to be based on the SnapDragon Processor.

From the outer appearance, Google Nexus One has a slimmer dimension if you compared with the previous Google G1 Phone. You can take a look at the physical comparison done by BGR below:


That’s obviously slimmer, but Google Nexus One didn’t have a physical QWERTY Keyboard come along so that’s the key to its slim beauty. There is not much detail revealed yet. All we have come to known is some specific SnapDragon Libraries found in the ROM, proximity sensor/light sensor with 3 axis accelerometer, magnetic compass and the inclusion of WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.

We also have no detail yet on the release date, probably next year, but no certainty yet. We will update again when more news and info has become available.

[via GadgetVenue, Image Courtesy: BGR]

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