Gundam Halloween Alarm Clock Is A Little Green Robot Buddy


If you are a die-hard fans of Gundam Anime Series, you might love this Gundam Halloween Alarm clock. Featuring Haruka Inoue’s original voices, the Gundam Halloween Alarm will talk you out loud and help you of your bed every morning if you ask it to do so. The speeches will be accompanied by a cute ear flapping from this little green robot buddy but expect no light show or whatsoever.

Gundam Halloween Alarm Clock also features Digital Calendar and Snooze function, and it will need 2 AA batteries to allows this little monster to start its nonsense speeches each morning. Gundam Halloween Alarm Clock will set you off for 5,250 Yen (or equal to $58) in Japan.

[UberGizmo Via FarEastGizmos and GadgetHobby]

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