Sagem Orange TabBee Internet Tablet

Sagem has introduced yet another Internet Tablet under the name of ‘Orange Tabbee’. This Internet Tablet is powered by unspecified ARM processor, a good 7-inch WVGA touchscreen display, and internally you’ll find an Linux-OS powering the backend service.


Sagem Orange TabBee is capable of sustaining continuous web-browsing for 3-hours (max) on each charge. No idea how long you should wait for each full charge but this Internet Tablet is lack of battery performance compared to netbook. However, it does stuffed with whole lot of stuffs that you may need to go on to your online profiles, checking news, shopping, twittering, or even watching movie at Youtube thanks to the Flash 9 compatibility built inside.

Sagem Orange TabBee will be available in France (ONLY) for €249.

About the name. Although it say ‘TabBee’, you won’t find any Bee related stuff here. So, don’t hope to hear any ‘buzzing’ sounds emitted by the device unless it’s broken. :)

[via UberGizmo and Pocketables]

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