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Radio Controlled Shock Tank: Mini War-Toy for Christmas

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I’m sure that you’ve prepared your Christmas gifts since Christmas is just about 2 days ahead. But if you are generous enough to add another special gift for your nieces or nephews (or your kids!), you should check out this Radio Controlled Shock Tank.


This radio shock tank is a remote control toy, obviously, and it features a war function where it can shoot electric shock to the opponent (with the same Radio Shock Tank, of course).

Each tank will hold up to fit hits before get defeated. So chance are, you and your little buddies might enjoy the thrills having a mini Christmas war together using this little radio shock tank.


The Radio Controlled Shock Tank comes in a set of two tough guys (the tanks), so get 2 for 4 or 3 for 6 players. Each Tank has been equipped with built-in shocking function, speakers, shock levels and battle sound effects.

Looks fun, but I wonder if this Radio Controlled Shock tank could run on snow. Well, just to be safe, don’t play them outdoor. :)

Okay, if you are ready to get one, you can head on over to Amazon to get it for $50. Suitable for 14 years and up.

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