From Concept to Reality: ThermalTake Level 10 BMW-Designed PC Chassis

At first, ThermalTake Level 10 is just a dream design by BMW. But who would know that it could become a reality and it’s currently on sale now?! Well, this Level 10 PC-Chassis is certainly has a groundbreaking design by BMW, and it has completely change how a PC chassis shape into something looks like some sort of modular shelf.


From its outer look, it has the similarity with PS2 thick edition. However, each component of the PC is boxed in one solid heavy duty aluminum and the motherboard parts even support water cooling system if you ever need one. If you need to know the overall size of this cool BMW-designed ThermalTake PC-chassis, the case is pretty large actually. Measuring at 12.6-inch(w) x 24.5-inch (d) x 26.3-inch (h), you may have a problem stuffing this $850 Level 10 PC-chassis to your limited dorm room.




The ladder like design on ThermalTake Level 10 Case is actually a place provided for you to add your HDD. There are total 6 of them, depend on your motherboard, you can boost your PC to the level of 12TB if each bay stuffed with 2TB SATA HDD.

However, this PC-Chassis is certainly not for the faint in heart. Scoring at $850, this price mark is enough for you to get another new MacBook and it is certainly won’t be a great stuff if you are living on a budget.

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