Creative Gigaworks HD50i iPod HD Speaker System

Using three popular audio boosting technologies from Creative which is the High Definition Driver Technology, Titanium Super Tweeter and BasXPort technology, Creative has created another groundbreaking iPod speaker system for iPod users.


Creative introduce it as Gigaworks HD50i, a speaker system that aim to deliver an absolute impact to your desktop and they are pretty compact to save space. Creative Gigaworks HD50i comes with one iPod Dock, two speakers and one remote control. On the right side speaker, there is a front knob for volume adjustment and one blue LED for power indicator.

It looks cool, however, this Creative Gigaworks HD50i iPod HD Speaker system will set you down for $169.99, which I consider expensive and there is no sub-woofer included to add some more beating impact.

[via TechFresh]

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