Digital Video Camcorder with Long Telescope Zoom Lens

Something interesting has been introduced by Chinavasion lately, in a form of never-seen long neck camcorder.
Why long neck? Well, it is all thanks to the never-seen huge and long telescopic lens for camcorder that you can usually find it in DSLR camera.


Wow, this looks crazy. The telescopic lens installed there is not really just for fun. The lens will help you achieving 8x optical zoom, a level where you can’t have it with the usual camcorder lens. Plus, the camera can do still shoot at 12MP, store 30fps video in SD card, has built-in flash light, and a good to see 3-inch flip-out screen.

The only downside that you may found on this Digital Video camcorder is the exclusion of native optical zoom, but it has 4x digital zoom and macro focus mode to cover-up the weakness.

If you are interesting in this long necked digital video camcorder with telescopic lens, go to Chinavasion to find out more.

[RedFerret Journal via SlipperyBrick]

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