DoDoNa S-100 MP3 Players is the Old School iPod in Cube Shape

DoDoNa S-100 MP3 Players is kind of the old iPod in Cube shape. The title says it all. However, DoDoNa S-100 MP3 player did implemented several improvements thanks to the Cube shape where the Korea manufacturer can squeeze more stuffs in (such as the buttons above the screen).


DoDoNa S-100 MP3 Players has 1.1-inch OLED screen, where it could display 96 x 96 pixels resolution to show you what’s playing, it also has integreated loudspeaker, 4GB of internal storage, FM radio, support MP3, OGG, WMA and FLAC and the last but not least, a 15-hours continuous playback using headphone or 8 hours through speaker. The battery life is certainly not too shabby.

DoDoNa S-100 MP3 Player will be available in 4 different colors, white, black, green and yellow. It will cost you $167 a pop to have one of this cubed DoDoNa S-100 MP3 player.

[via CloneinChina]

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