OSIM uCrown 2 Head Massager

After taking a whole hard day in your office, often when you get back to your home sweet home you’ll want someone to massage your body or head part so you can relax a bit. However, if you are living by yourself in your home and no one can give you some quick massage, you can ask OSIM uCrown 2 Head Massager to do it for you.


OSIM uCrown Head Massager is believed to be the first ever massager that focus on massaging your head. It can even play music and set a nice little environment where you can rest assure while the massager in action.

According to the sales page, the OSIM uCrown Head Massager has a variety of therapeutic programs for head massage, combines with OSIM uCrown patented air pressure technology, magnetic therapy, heat, vibration and music, the uCrown is guaranteed to give certain result in reducing tension and improving blood circulation.


Just one warning though, if you are suffering from diabetes, blood clots, migraines, or you are using pacemaker, you should consult to your own doctor before using it.

OSIM uCrown is available for $200 a pop, and the price has covered the massager with built-in speakers, earphones and one remote control.

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