C-Star Technologies Intros UTR-Fi3001B USB Recording Box

For you who are still using any sort of analog phone system personal or professional may want to check this out this phone management system from C-Star Technologies. It’s a little too late of release, I agree. But late is better than nothing.

c-star-technologies-utr-fi3001b-usb-recording-boxC-Star Technologies UTR-Fi3001B will connect to your PC via USB and at the other end you’ll find one pass-through RJ-12 phone connectors to connect-up to wall plug and a phone.

C-Star Technologies UTR-Fi3001B will then act as your personal secretary, noting up all record or caller-ID, pickups, hang-ups, and all of your conversations into your PC. The device will also taking notes on the call and make address book entries automagically with the built-In function.

C-Star Technologies UTR-Fi3001B can only handle single phone line, however, there is also a UTR-Fi3002B model which can handle 2 lines at once.

There is no much information on this little USB recording box yet, as well as the pricing and specs information.

[via EverythingUSB]

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  • Xavier Bisbal

    I recently bought one and it does not work! :(

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