LED Glass Sink Faucet With Soothing Illumination

Unlike LED Susan Faucet, this LED Glass Sink Faucet won’t detect the heat and show you the number. It won’t detect your face either, but it will gives you a soothing feeling watching the water flowing out from the mouth. How soothing, you ask? Look as the picture, the green glowing LED illumination looks pretty friendly and calming, and perhaps because green also one of the strong color-therapy to relax some nerves on our body.


How about Red color, or Blue color? Well, I do hope it has more color to choose. However, This LED Glass Sink Faucet seems to be short in color selection. Well, There is a blue one, but the shape is different. Available for $65, you can find the detail at Shopkami.com.

[Via ChipChick]

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