Logic Bolt 1.5 LCOS Projector Phone

Logic Bolt 1.5, or what has been known as the Projector Phone has been available in the US with added projector functionality. The phone, according to our friend at Coated, is an upgraded version and now it has dual-SIM card slots.


Powered by Symbian OS, this smartphone will be available at SkyMall for $500. The specification of this smartphone is pretty common, you’ll found 2.6-inch TFT LCD resistive touchscreen (supporting 240×400 pixels resolution), dual camera front and rear (3MP), Live TV and FM Radio function. The cons of this Logic Bolt 1.5 Projector Phone is the absent of 3G support.

However, I believe most of people who set their eyes on this phone is on the LCOS projector functionality, where it can project images from 5-inch to 64-inch large.

[OhGizmo via Coated, TechChee]

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