Hori Pad Ex Turbo 2 Xbox 360 Wired Controller


Another gaming gear for today. After the Wii Classic Controller to PC USB adapter, Play-Asia.com introduced a new Xbox 360 controller to send you into a better gaming realm. The new Xbox 360 controller is called Hori Pad Ex Turbo 2 wired version, but it will give you a lot of additional buttons to hit your opponents. Such as you might found the 6 button layout that is kickin’ for fighting games (Street Fighter 4, Soul Calibur IV, etc) and there is also a turbo function on all buttons with its triggers (best for FPS). There are three turbo setting, slow-normal-fast, which equal to 5times/sec, 12times/sec and 20 times/sec. It’s a helpful feature to release our fingers from some strains of pushing certain buttons over and over. For more information, hit the product page link below.

[Product Page]

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