Lenovo Multimedia Remote: A Great Wireless QWERTY Keyboard Fusion

I’m not sure how I should call this little gadget. It seems keyboard would be a suitable category for this Lenovo Multimedia Remote, because its focus is on the keyboard. However, the gadget is actually a mashup between crucial gadgets that most mobile users will need one. These included a mini track ball as your mouse, mini QWERTY keyboard, and one USB dongle.


Lenovo Multimedia Remote will works in 2.4 Ghz wireless remote frequency, so no Bluetooth needed in the operation. The 2.4 Ghz wireless technology of this little wireless keyboard will allow you to go as far as 10 meters and you can easily hold it and bring it anywhere thanks to the palm sized design.

The only cons that you might dislike is the small QWERTY keyboard. Looks cool though, similar with smartphones keyboard (e.g. N900). However, the size is just unfriendly for the fat fingers… :) )

If you are interested, Lenovo Multimedia Remote is available for $60 and you can get it at Lenovo Official Site.

[via TheAwesomer]

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