Golf Ball Launcher Looks Like a Long Neck Shotgun

What will happen when a shooter get thrown into the golf course and asked to hit a ball? That’s where a device like this Golf Ball Launcher will born! :)


This Golf Ball Launcher is a real stuff and it’s not a prank or something. Made by the folks at Air Force Golf, This shotgun-like golf ball launcher will be able to send the ball up to 300 yards! Powered by an Air compression technology, you’ll want to bring one of this Golf ball launcher to the golf course if you are a disabled person or can’t manage to swing your body with the golf club.

Just Reload the gun with ball, aim, and pull the trigger. Note that not every of your shot will score 300 yards; it will still depend on the field, winds and luckiness. No idea yet what is the pricing.

[via OhGizmo and CraziestGadgets]

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