National Geographic HDD: Loaded with 121 Years of Contents Since 1888

If you are a big fans of National Geographic Magazine and you have missed some of their issues since 1888 (wow!), then you are one of the lucky ass that will over-excited over this news.

National Geographic has released an external Hard Drive, yes, a Hard Drive that containing all issue ever released since 1888 until now. That’s MIND BOOGLING for super fans. You can browse through the 121 years of contents and find everything that you have missed all these years and I suppose you’ll take years to flip through the pages if you read the text one by one. :)


National Geographic Hard Drive has 160GB of capacity, the magazine has taken only about 60GB of the space, leaving 100GB free space for you to add something else. Price at $199.95, it is certainly a GREAT BARGAIN compared to individual issue.

Problem is, sifting through every single issue since 1888 takes a fair bit of time — time you’d rather be spending in an obnoxiously long security line as you await your flight to Ushuaia. Thanks to “modern technology” and “storage innovations,” said quandary can now be resolved quite simply. Nat Geo is offering every last piece of information it has ever published on a portable 160GB HDD, and amazingly 100GB is free for you to manually add to the collection.

[National Geographic via Engadget]

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