Prism Solar Technology Holographic Planar Concentrator Solar Modules

Researchers at Prism Solar Technologies have come up with a new type of Solar panel dubbed as Holographic Planar Concentrator (HPC) that could provide more power at low level insolation. This new technology will be a great solution for area with low level of insolation (e.g. New York) and will provide more than 30% increment in converting sun shines into a usable energy.


The newly developed technology, dubbed the Holographic Planar Concentrator™ (HPC), features a hybrid use unique holographic thin-film coupled with crystalline PV. The thin-film strips diffract both direct and reflected energy to the PV cell strips integrated between strips of thin-film. The technique reduces the amount of silicon required to make the same energy.

You can find more information on this bi-facial hybrid solar module at Prism Solar Technologies site.

[via EcoFriend]

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