Sanyo HIT Double PV Solar Modules: Provides 30% More Power with Less Solar Panels


Sanyo has introduced a solar panel similar to Prism Solar Technologies’s hybrid solar module dubbed as HIT Double PV modules. Similar to HPC, this Sanyo solar module also capable of generation 30% more of power out of the Sun’s wasted energy. The HIT Double PV modules also provides 89% solar ration reflectivity and weather resistance thanks to the DuROCK Tio-Coat roof coating.

The modules were actually a result after Sanyo Canada teamed up with DuROCK, where Sanyo offers their HIT Double bi-facial solar PV to be combined with DuROCK Tio-Coat reflective roof membrane. According to the source, the combination between this two technology can generates more energy from a reduced number of solar panels. In the future, this technology will free user from installing a roof-full of solar panels to power-up the entire home.

[via Environmental Leader]

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  • Glad to see notice of Sanyo’s bi-facial cell technology. We at Prism Solar are big fans of Sanyo’s high efficiency HIT cells, including the bi-facial version, but it is more accurate to note that the HIT Double has been available for some time. Only the installation on Durock’s roof was new. While we appreciate you mentioning Prism, the similarity to HIT Double is that both modules can make electricity using light on both sides of the module – that’s why a reflective roof of whatever kind is helpful. We hope someday that Sanyo will also use Prism’s holographic film with their excellent HIT cells – this would allow half or fewer cells per module to be used (or if you prefer, make two modules from same # of cells) to make lower-cost high net power (kWh/Wp) modules. Our film works with all kinds of PV cells, but Sanyo’s bi-facial cells are especially good for taking advantage of the film’s light enhancement power.

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