24-Port USB Hub Looks Like an AshTray, No, Like a Wheel!


USB Port is a necessity, or even a crucial stuff for me because I have lots of USB gadgets to host into my laptop at the same time. a USB modem, 3 flash drives, one Cooling pad, one USB LED Light for night working, 2 External Hard Drives, one External DVD-Writer and so on. Obviously, 4-port USB hub will never enough for me and most-likely the BUS power is not enough to switch on two external hard drives at the same time.

This 24-port USB Hubs looks interesting. Shaped like a wheel, or perhaps an Ashtray where you will find all 22 ports at the sideways of the circle, while the rest of the USB ports located at the upper section. This 24-port USB hubs comes with a dedicated AC adapter, so whenever your USB port run out of USB BUS power, the AC adapter will come in handy to power up your USB gadgets.

This 24-port USB hubs is yours for $69.99 only, and you can find the detail at USBFever.

[via Techfresh]

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