Adidas miCoach Pacer and miCoach Zone

After hearing Nike releasing their Plus (I mean the Nike+), Adidas has answered the challenge by officially unveiling their miCoach, a similar health tracking device for sportsmen or those who love to do jogging.


miCoach is available in two versions, miCoach Pacer and miCoach Zone. The difference between the two versions, well, you can think Pacer model as the premium edition and Zone model as the lite version of the miCoach product.

The Pacer miCoach can detect your heart rate, and you can add some of the optional gadget such as the wireless sneaker attachment that will help you track your pace, distance, how many calories burned, and other functions. The most obvious beauty of this model is the ability to connect to the online coaching at so you can get real-time audible coaching. The connectivity is probably using ANT+ that is similar to GPS device (e.g. Garmin) and you’ll be given not only the audio coach, you’ll also get a visual cue to let you know where you should maximize your workout.

The miCoach Zone have no such thing, though. It only can measure and track your heart rate and leaving all the online interaction to the Pacer model. But Lite version has its own advantage, too. When the Pacer miCoach will set you down for $139.99, the miCoach Zone is only $69.99 to own one.

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