Blinds to get Vision with Solar-Powered Eye Implant

This is great news for those with disability in eye-sight because soon a Solar Powered Eye Implant will be available and once again will giving a sight for them.

Found on Inhabitat, they are saying that researchers at Stanford University have managed to develop a new artificial retina implant with the help of a micro chip and solar cell. This micro cell is called as Miniature Photovoltaic cells, where it can send enough power to the data chip inside the retina implant so it can trigger a reaction to allow blind people to have a glimpse of our colorful world.



The device is placed behind the retina and is essentially an array of mini solar devices. In addition, the system utilizes is an external video camera that captures images, a pocket pc to process the video feed, and a bright near-infrared LCD display built into video goggles, which transmit infrared light pulses to the photovoltaic device in the eye. The light pulses then produce electricity in the device, which transmits data through the eye so the brain can process it into a hazy picture.

The implant is built to a width of 3 mm wide and 0.03 mm thick, and includes 3 layers of flexible photovoltaic cells mounted with silicon posts. This new system is capable of producing vision of 20/200, which is beyond what is considered legally blind, but the researchers reasonable expect to achieve 20/100, which would produce a picture clear enough that a person could recognize faces and read large print.

[More on Inhabitat, diagram courtesy of Stanford University]

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