Pet Collar Air Purifier


I’m not sure if this product is a hype or not, but getting your pets to be a walking air freshener is pretty a good idea. This oval looking portable pet collar air purifier is designed for your little friends, where you can strap this air purifier on their neck. According to the pitch page, this purifier is capable of sucking most bad air around your pet and spit out clean breathable air which possibly create a better environment for your family.

The advertisement also said that the pet collar air purifier will be able to save you and your pet from allergens, dander and smoke, at the same time, the device will also spit out a scent that will send your pet into their relax state.

Well that’s sounds too good to be true. At the level of $17.20, I’m highly doubtful the device will do its job well. But no one will know after they’ve try it. I don’t have pet, so perhaps for you who have got one of this could share your invaluable experience here. 😉

[TechChee via Coolest Gadgets and Gizmodo]

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