JVL Vortex Touchscreen CounterTop Video Game Gadget

There is always a good thing that could keep you busy while you’re waiting for your cooking in your kitchen. Sometimes, instead of keep watching on your cake to cook properly in your oven, you can use that waiting time for playing some interesting games like this JVL Vortex touchscreen countertop video game.


JVL recently introduced this gaming gadget for countertops, but you can always install it on your kitchen if it has the space for it. JVL Vortex Touchscreen CounterTop Video Game provides up to 148 different games that comes complete with the fancy light effects and sound system. It’s a kind of perfect additional gadget to fill your waiting time. The device even featured a net connectivity so you can enter to the online tournaments of a certain games.

JVL Vortex Touchscreen CounterTop Video Game Gadget Specification:

  • 19L x 19.5W x 14.5H inches
  • LCD flat, sleek Touchscreen
  • 16 bit stereo provides great sound
  • Easy to use, splash/drink-proof
  • iTouch 9 software includes over 140 card, puzzle, and action games, from Solitaire, Texas Hold ‘Em and shuffleboard, to air hockey, racing, and many more
  • Can connect to the web for online tournaments
  • Provides options for your establishment such as advertising, hall of fame, and more
  • Can accept coins or be set to free play
  • Total user support
  • Adjustable 32 multi-color LED display adds to the excitement
  • Weight: 40.5lbs

Valued at $3,299, this countertop gaming gadgets has come with a super VGA high-color graphics, 16-bit stereo system, and a high-capacity flash memory. If you’ve got the money and interested to own one, you can find it out at JustFoosballTables.

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