3M MPro150 Pico Projectors [CES 2010]


3M also has joined up the crowd in CES exhibition and this year they are introducing us to their new Family Pico Projector called 3M MPro150.

According to the press release, MPro150 is the most robust pico projector designed for the portability of a professional. 3M MPro150 pico projector has included 1GB of internal memory that can help much in files shared between Laptop and it allow you to pre-loaded your presentation content into the projector itself.

MPro150 Pico Projector can project up to 50-inch of image at 15 lumens brightness. As for an extra treat for audiophiles, 3M MPro150 Pico Projector has also come equipped with MP3 player and a headphone jack. Means you can pre-loaded the pico projectors not only with presentation data, you can also use it as your personal MP3 player and even a theatre-on-the-go if you load it up with videos smaller than 1GB.

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  • I officially want one of those small but decent projectors. :/

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