3M Unveils M2256PW 10-Finger Multitouch Display


I believe most of us have heard about Multitouch display and probably you have already own one of the hardware that use such a technology. However, the multitouch technology is only capable to detect about 2-4 touches at once. The latest improvement for this field has done by 3M with their 10 Fingers Multitouch display. The 22-inch HD display dubbed as M2256PW display is boasting 3M’s Projected Capacitive Technology, where the HD-touch panel will allow you to use ten of your fingers to interact with items in the screen. Now this is really a true-Multitouch. Getting all of your fingers to work on the screen instead of the keyboard, is somehow changing your way to interact with the PC. This Future oriented multitouch display will support 1680 x 1080 resolution, have both VGA and DVI port, plus the anti-glare surface to give you more enjoyable viewing.

[via Pocket-Lint]

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