Interact-able Holographic 10-inch Touchscreen Display with Light Blue Optics Projector

An interesting product has been introduced by Light Blue Optics. If you ever seen the key-less keyboard or known as the Bluetooth Laser Virtual Keyboard from ThinkGeek, you’ll have the picture of what this Light Blue Optics Projector Holographic 10-inch Touchscreen Display.


The device is capable of projecting an interact-able display as large as 10-inch to the flat surface and it is colorful, unlike the virtual keyboard mentioned above.

It could virtually turn any flat surface into a touchscreen display where you can touch whatever buttons displayed in front of you. This Optics Projector is also having 2GB onboard Flash Storage and a microSD slot that allow you to expand to 32GB.

The battery inside the optics projector will be able to provide you about 2 hours of operation time but I believe it must have some kind of AC adapter to let you enjoy a longer typing experience. No word about the connectivity to PC or any other gadgets, but I believe this would be the first step toward holographic interaction which we often seen one in Sci-Fi movies.

[via BusinessWire]

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