Coke-Powered Mobile Phone Concept


So now it’s not only us who drink coke, in the future the mobile phone also want to sip this tasty liquid so they can light up. The concept of mobile phone running on coke is designed by designer Daizi Zheng, this coke-maniac has created a power option of drawing power for its built-in fuel cell from Coca-Cola’s carbohydrates.

The concept phone will also sip other sugary liquid drink such as Pepsi for juicing up the power. Silly, but it’s somehow fresh. Lots of designers are focusing on developing Solar powered solution, but Liquid Powered one is also a good alternative. Let’s hope someday a water-powered cell phone will pop out, too.

[via LikeCool]

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  • John

    where can i bye one of these

    • It’s a concept. No, you wouldn’t find it anywhere unless you ask Daizi Zheng to make one for you. :)

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