Shadow Beamz: Beamz Interactive Music System

Remember the laser beam music generator from last 2 years? Someone has spotted it again at the CES 2010 tagging the brand of ShadowBeamz from Beamz Interactive ($199.95).



This Beamz Interactive Music system is a new way to play music on a harp-like device. From the outer shape, it looks like a Trisula spear. The hollow space was actually where you are going to play the music because it has some type of infrared laser connected with each end. It giving you a feeling of playing the harp without strings, and Shadow Beamz also offers three different level to train yourself into a good Shadow Beamzer. You will have the option to compete with other or even competing with yourself playing the original tunes made by Beamz Interactive. All songs stored in this Shadow Beamz is original composed by the company.

[image courtesy of Beamz Shop]

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