Vizio Razor LED Mobile TV [CES 2010]


2010 is the year of 3D display, but somehow Vizio didn’t caught up with the wave yet. The latest product from Vizio introduced in the CES 2010 offer a LED mobile Television which is dubbed as the Razor LED Mobile TV with no 3D functionality. The Vizio Razor LED Mobile TV hvizio-razor-led-mobile-tvas a small screen size, obviously because it’s made for the mobile personal. There are 3 screen size displayed at the exhibition, from 7-inch (VMB070), 9-inch (VMB090) and 10-inch (VMB100).

The last two models (9-inch and 10-inch) are capable of receiving NTSC broadcasts and the new Mobile ATSC-MH broadcast. The two models of Vizio Razor LED Mobile TV has also supported HDMI 1.4 input, as well as composite inputs, headphone jack and USB port.

Meanwhile, the 7-inch model has no such thing as NTSC receiver, nor USB/HDMI connectivity. But thanks to the exclusion of those features, the 7-inch model is practically thinner than the other two models at 0.75″ only.

Vizio Razor LED Mobile TV will be available later in this year, and the three models VMB070, VMB090 and VMB100 will be priced at $150, $200, $230, respectively.

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