Buffalo HDD Dualie: iPhone Dock and HDD Dock Combo

Buffalo, the popular HDD manufacturer has introduced one combo gadgets that mix both iPhone dock and Hard drive dock together. You will soon recognize it as “Buffalo HDD Dualie“, a device that will support 2.5-inch portable hard drive to fit the rear slot, while you can dock your iPhone 3G S at the front slot. The device would be powered by single USB 2.0 cable, compatible with both Mac and PC, and Buffalo HD Dualie even have equipped with 2 additional USB ports at the rear side.


One downside though, the rear slot for HDD docking is only compatible with Buffalo-branded portable hard drive with size up to 500GB. You can’t jack in a Seagate External Hard Drive, nor the Western Digital drive.

This combo gadget Buffalo HDD Dualie will be available in Apple store on January 12th for $249.99.

[Cult of Mac]

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