IOSafe Solo SSD: Still Survive After Driven Over by A Tractor


ioSafe has been popular with their sturdy fireproof and waterproof hard drive enclosure. It has also been tested by Barbecuing on 600 degree BBQ griller and Submerged into water and it turned out the promise is not just a promise. The hard drive survive from all of the tests and the data remain safe inside the womb.

Now, the guys at ioSafe recently (in the CES exhibition) make a presentation about their new ioSafe Solo SSD and how they test it. The experiment is even crueler than the previous one because this time the ioSafe Solo SSD is not only burnt with fire and submerged into water alone, it also has been dropped like a useless piece of metal, dunked like a basketball, and the most extreme one is driven over by a tractor!

According to the presentation, ioSafe Solo SSD can handle up to 5,000 pounds crush force, a 20 feet high drop, capable of sustaining 1,550 degrees F fire for up to 30 minutes, and it can be submerged into water for 30 feet deep. Now what else do you need?! :)

It’s always a proud experience to recommend a reliable gadget. ioSafe hard drive and Solo SSD are certainly one of gadget we gave two thumbs up for its sustainability. Soon, we will be able to get this ioSafe Solo SSD in two models. The 64GB model will cost you about $500 a pop, while the 256GB model will set you down for $1,250.

[ExtremeTech via GadgetVenue]

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