Skiff Reader: 11.5-inch Touchscreen Newspaper and ebook Reader

While someone has gone mad by getting their ebook reader full color display, Skiff just don’t want to going into that state yet. The recently ebook reader introduced by Skiff is just way behind the colorful display technology, however, it over more pixel for reading large page using its 11.5-inch touchscreen display and E-ink technology.




The Skiff reader is not only suitable for reading ebook, it’s also support 1600 x 1200 pixels resolution which is an ideal newspaper layouts. You will also find a free space of 3GB (built-in 4GB, 1GB for system I guess) to store your ebooks and other contents.

Connection-wise, Skiff Reader has a built-in WiFi, USB port, and 3G for Sprint Network. It is convenient to have a complete set of connection so you can easily use to to transfer your content to the Skiff reader. One more interesting feature on Skiff Reader is the bendable body. You can bend it to a certain degree, but it is not bendable entirely. Forceful bending will break the device as it’s not designed to be bend extremely. It’s just a feature to let user slip it to their bag conveniently.

The Skiff Reader, the first e-reader to integrate the upcoming Skiff Service, is a state-of-the-art device that is simple and easy-to-use. Our innovations include:

  • Largest e-paper display › More viewing area for a richer reading experience.
  • Thinnest e-reading device › Remarkably sleek. Easy to hold, use and carry.
  • Most durable e-reader › First-of-its-kind metal-foil display (eliminating the fragility of glass). A magnesium housing. An incredibly sturdy device.
  • Highest display resolution › Four times as many pixels as most e-book readers, for more immersive reading.
  • Full touch screen › For intuitive content selection and navigation. Instant page turns with the swipe of a finger.
  • Extraordinary battery life › Read for a week between charges.

If you wish to read more, a lot more information can be found at Skiff official site.

[Skiff Reader via GadgetVenue]

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