Airnergy Charger: Uses WiFi Strong Signal To Charge Gadgets

The idea of harvesting energy from free energy floating in the space was first introduced by Nokia. Now, a more viable option has been available and it’s been shown at the CES 2010 dubbed as “Airnergy Charger”.

Airnergy Charger to Draw Power From WiFi Networks

Airnergy Charger to Draw Power From WiFi Networks

Airnergy Charger is a device that would harvest and squeeze energy out of the thin air, as long as a WiFi network is available. The device will draw power or electricity from the WiFi signal and then turn it into a usable energy that could charge your gadgets without connecting to the power outlet. The shape looks like the old style 3G modem, a rounded corner box with a mini-USB cable. According to those who witness the charging progress in CES exhibition, Airnergy Charger can charge a blackberry from a 30% battery level to the full state at about 90 minutes, using solely on WiFi signal that available in the exhibition. Amazing, right?

That’s mean when this gadget become available, you can harvest the wasted energy to charge your gadgets while you are working / surfing through the web using your local WiFi. It will also works if you head on to your nearest Hotspot to charge your gadgets. Very convenient, but the downside is you have to get one for each gadget. Airnergy Charger will be available in this Summer for about $40, if you have 5 gadgets that need to juice-up at the same time, go buy 5 piece of them! :)

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