HoloAD 3D Holographic Display [Cloned From RealFiction]

UPDATE: It appears that HoloAD 3D Holographic display is a cloned technology. The original work is not from Taiwan, but it is from RealFiction – a Danish company who created the first Holographic display named Dreamoc. They have been patented their technology to several countries such as US, Europe and Japan with the following patent numbers:

Europe: EU Design No. 001066278-0001, 001041289-0001, 000852108-0001 and 000835806-0001
US: Design Patent Application No. 29/332,917
Japan: Design Patent Application No. 2009-020417

We would like to thank Clas Dyrholm, the CEO (as well as the founder) of RealFiction for this information. Please visit RealFiction for more information about their Dreamoc 3D Holographic Display technology.

Innovision HoloAD Technology 3D Holographic Display

Finally, a 3D holographic display has been brought upon the market by Innovision. The 3D holographic displays is something that we have seen in sci-fi film. Innovision introduce this technology as the ‘HoloAD’, a technology that uses three different images which are then projected to a center point so it can trick our eyes and mind into thinking as a 3D images. There are three sides that you can view the holographic image, from front, or either the two side left-right.

Please watch the movie below for more detail:


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