Monster Launches M2000: The Fastest Thinnest HDMI Hyper-Speed Cable

Monster Superthin HDMI Cable and M2000 Hyper-Speed HDMI Cable

Unlike Wireworld Platinum Starlight HDMI Cable, Monster (a brand) latest so-called Hyper-Speed Cable it not as expensive as $1000 per 1 meter of HDMI cable. Known as the M series M2000 hyper-speed HDMI cable, Monster claimed that the cable can provide a super fast 21GB per second data transfer rate for your gadgets while there is another version called as the ‘SuperThin cable’ that is the thinnest HDMI cable at 3.5mm thick only.

Based on the specification, the SuperThin HDMI cable is specifically designed for the modern digital cameras, and non-HD / HD camcorders. It might be also suitable for gaming console such as PS3, laptops, and other gadget that has implemented the latest HDMI version.

As for Monster M2000 hyper-speed HDMI cable, it will cost about $200 for 4 feet long, or if you are willing to pay $1000 you will get about 50 feet. For the SuperThin model, it will cost about $89 to $170.

[via Gizmag]

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