Stealth MXP Bio Encrypted USB Drive with FingerPrint Scanner

Stealth MXP Bio Encrypted USB Drive is another encrypted USB Drive that comes to challenge the existing king of secure USB drive – the IronKey. The Stealth MXP Bio Encrypted USB flash drive has comes with the latest AES-256 CBC hardware inside the flash drive, which mean the drive is not software-secured, it’s hardware-Encrypted.

Although it’s not as scary as IronKey that will self-destruct when hacks attempted, Stealth MXP Bio has offers a more advance fingerprint recognition technology with 1,2 or 3 factor authentication, has a digital identity, PKI token services including RSA SecurID and OATH OTP onboard key generation.

Stealth MXP Bio Encrypted USB Flash Drive with Fingerprint Scanner

Stealth MXP BIo Encrypted USB Drive even featured a dustproof, waterproof and malware protection in the drive. Which mean you can safely bring it anywhere and you can safely go online with unsecured PC at Net Cafe and in case it lost, no one can open the data inside except yourself.

Stealth MXP Bio offers fingerprint recognition and strong multi-factor authentication in hardware, providing unparalleled security to both portable storage and digital identities.

Powered by the Bluefly™ Processor, the Stealth MXP ® Bio features on-board hardware AES 256-bit encryption to automatically protect all its content, from data, to applications, to digital identities. Currently in process for FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validation, the Bluefly Processor provides unmatched hardware protection against malware in any environment, foreign or familiar.

You can find more about Stealth MXP Bio Encrypted USB Drive at Mixsecurity.

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