ASUS DR-950 eBook Reader Unveils

ASUS has been throwing a boom to the eBook Reader market with their release of ASUS DR-950 eBook reader. This ebook reader will become another good choice for user to read their electronic book because when we compare it with Amazon Kindle, ASUS DR-950 has a better specs.

ASUS DR-950 eBook Reader

ASUS DR-950 eBook reader has the 9-inch screen, a perfect size of a screen for mobile reader, and it has supported 1024 x 768 pixels resolution. You can even read your book in landscape view, and it also has supported WiFi, HSDPA and even WiMax connectivity.

Inside ASUS DR-950, you can find 2 – 4GB of storage with expandability using SD card. ASUS DR-950 eBook Reader has supported the widely uses PDF files, ePub, HTML and RSS feed reading. It also has a text to speech functionality to help the disabled.

ASUS DR-950 eBook Reader has one USB port where you can transfer ebooks from your PC to the reader, and there is also a 3.5mm audio port readies for music playback. Well, although it has a plethora of features that Amazon Kindle’s missed, ASUS DR-950 is not as good looking as Kindle, at least…

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  • ASUS is coming alive in ereaders market now. They already triggered their Color OLED screen e book reader. And coming is the touch screen e-book reader. 2010 seems to be the year for e-book readers.

    • Indeed. 2010 will be a hard war for Kindle that doesn’t offers touchscreen nor 3G connectivity. Can’t wait to see what will the first successful ebook reader creator to act upon this competition…

  • Chris

    Semms to big for any hand … hard to handle.
    The guys from ASUS should make this smaller. Maybe the smaller ereader … that would be great.

    • Yeah, perhaps it is because of the features it has, I guess ASUS had a problem there to make it smaller. Unless they can find way to ‘compress’ the equipment installed inside, the size will stay big for a moment…

      Btw, Thanks for stopping by, Chris!

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