Celluon evoMouse Pet Motion Tracking Mouse

The multi-touch mouse prototypes from Microsoft has introduced us the new ways to interact with the PC mouse through a touch sensitive field. Now, here is another new concept mouse called Celluon evoMouse Pet that is shape like a puppy, has no touch sensitive zone, but it has two infra-red sensors which can track finger movements!

Celluon evoMouse Motion Tracking Mouse - Front View

Celluon evoMouse Motion Tracking Mouse - Rear View

Celluon evoMouse Motion Tracking Mouse - Mini Size

Celluon evoMouse Motion Tracking Mouse - Gesture Interaction

From the images above, you might have already grasps the idea on how to use this Celluon evoMouse Pet. It has transform all modern mouse function into a gesture-based interactions. This Celluon evoMouse Pet will be compatible with a range of OS such as Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows Mobile, Blackberry and Symbian OS.

It will connect up with your PC through Bluetooth connection and I assumed there should be an internal battery built in to power up the device. According to PocketLint, it will hit UK market soon. However, there is no pricing detail yet.

[via Pocket Lint,ChipChick]

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